My Heart is Bestowed in the Earth, says Jade, founder and creator of the Giving Tree idea.

The Giving Tree is our collective project.

Jade & her mom have a tradition of making a giving tree every year and putting money and uplifting poems on it and gifting it to someone that might need their spirits to be lifted – anonymously.

This giving tree is to uplift kids spirits and raise money to plant trees.

We hope you will read this and place a donation so more trees may be planted.

If you are so inspired, make your own tree, in your own community!
Let’s create an artistic forest that will build community and reforest our earth!

Please look at our Projects to see the creation process of the Giving Tree!

Artist: WHWS Kids & BethIsrael Tempel of Bellingham         Artist Age: 12

Artist State: Washington    Artist Country: usa

Mentor: Chel Forrest Hull, Jacquie Bresadola, Carol Anderson, Brandon Nelson