Samantha Terriss

Being with children and finding new creative frameworks for them to explore the subject of nature, beauty and climate justice is so rewarding. Empowering creativity and self expression as well as building a sense of belonging to others and to the earth is vital for building resilience and purpose. 

  • What is the central theme of climate justice and how does it impact you? 
  • What image can you use that would describe one area of climate change? 
  • When you think about climate change, what images come to mind?
  • How do you feel about climate change? What colors and images express how you feel? 
  • Explore feeling and painting without any thinking about outcome.
  • Sketch your idea and use different mediums to bring your idea to life.
  • Make this image using recycled objects or using natural found objects.
  • When you think about what we could do to make change, what do you think about? 
  • Make an image that would be powerful to share and compel others to make change.
  • Make a comparison between two images. 
  • Make a series of pictures to show a movement through time
  • Hold an object of nature, observe it closely so that you can draw it in more detail.
  • Make an art piece that is an offering to nature
  • Make an art piece that expresses your gratitude to the natural world
  • How can art help another person see something from another perspective? What perspective do you wish to share? What are some literal and metaphorical ways to convey your perspective?

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